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Welcome to Flatmound Fastpitch!

Flatmound Fastpitch is a family-friendly space for softball and baseball enthusiasts.  Designed to promote fun, no matter the day or weather. We offer the indoor experience as the only self-service facility in the area.  We value collaboration over competition and are a safe space for any player wanting to better their self in the sport they love. 

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Back in the day, it really wasn’t easy finding an accessible indoor softball or baseball facility in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. The closest indoor facility was about 40 minutes North.  With the love of our parents and car pooling, a group of friends made the trip several times a week for many years.  Although we began as a business in 2020, Flatmound Fastpitch has been a dream to a softball lover since the mid 90’s. Through mutual effort of friends, family and God’s timing the dream of a local facility came true.  We wish this facility to become your athlete’s home away from home. Even if you feel already top notch, we promise you will find use in our space. Ready to re-live your prime? Come in and knock the rust off! First-timers, we are here to help you feel comfortable and build a love for the game!

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Flatmound Fastpitch Facilities

Pitching/Fielding Alley Rental 

Softball pitching/fielding lane 15x55 ft. 

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Full Facility

Full facility access includes baseball pitching alley, hitting alley, softball pitching/fielding alley, soft toss nets, plyowall, weights 
The space also available for party rental!

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Hitting Alley

15x55ft hitting alley equipped with Jugs baseball and softball pitching machines. L- screens and protective nets are available for use. 

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HitTrax is designed to bring your game to the next level. Ranging from a variety of options, you will be able to come in and hit, play a fully scored game, home-run derby and so much more! Catchers can work on pop-time and pitchers do not have to rely on their dads to call their balls and strikes! Get instant feedback on exit velocity, ball placement, and distance! 

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Upcoming Events

Whip Clinic- softball pitchers
HitTrax Winter League


Book Here! Memberships Available!

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Flatmound Fastpitch Amenities

Donation Station -FREE FOR ALL! Bring what you no longer need, take what you do!
Flatmound swag, water, snacks and candy available for purchase.

Competitive Pricing

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